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Volunteer/Staff Training

Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer staff member at Mechuwana this summer. 

The first step toward becoming volunteer staff is to fill out and submit a Volunteer Staff Application.

Required Training Documents/Videos

To be a volunteer staff person at Mechuwana you must complete all items below in advance of your week at camp. If you are unable to do this training online, please contact the camp office to request a printed version of these materials.

Important: Once you have completed all training sections, fill out, sign, and return this training confirmation document.

Policies about appropriate camper interactions and what to do if you suspect the child has been or is being abused at camp or outside of camp. 
Read plans and protocols for what to do if there is a threat to safety and security of campers, staff, and volunteers, based on which area you are in at the time of the threat.
Learn appropriate ways to handle misbehavior and also to positively reinforce positive behavior from campers of all ages.


Read about various emergency situations like fires, lost campers, injured camper, severe weather, and more, and how to handle each situation. 

Mandated Reporter Training from the State*

This is the only accepted Mandated Reporter training. If you have done other Mandated Reporter training, you will still need to complete this course at If you are unable to complete this course online, please contact the camp office for other options for completing it. 
Mechuwana's Rule of Three ensures that camp is a safe environment for everyone: staff, youth, and adults counselors. Please note that this rule is to be followed by all groups using Mechuwana's property. 
Information about what to say and/or do if you believe that someone (adult or youth) plans to harm themselves or others. 

Once you have completed all of the trainings above: Sign this form and send to camp via email ( or mail a copy to the camp office at: Mechuwana, PO Box 277, Winthrop ME 04364. All training must be completed and your form must be signed and returned by May 15, 2024. If you have questions, please contact the camp office.


To print off the full packet of materials (except the State Mandated Reporter training, which must be completed online), click here.


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