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Missions Opportunities at Mechuwana

Every summer, Mechuwana plays host to many amazing groups of people. Scores of volunteer mission workers descend on camp to repair old buildings, build new ones, and improve the ones we have. They also head out into the community to help out with various local ministries!

We welcome groups of many ages from youth fellowships, young adult groups, adult groups, and inter-generational groups. We are able to accommodate groups of varying sizes. We ask that youth groups who are coming ensure appropriate adult supervision ratios for the size of the group.


Skills needed for these projects range from basic painting and carpentry to specialized skills such as plumbing and sheetrocking. The most important skills are enthusiasm and willingness to work as a team. 

What to expect?

Work Projects include:

  • Housing repair for the needy (roofing, painting, drywall, handicap ramps, etc.)

  • Working in area clothing ministries, food banks, and soup kitchens

  • Projects on-site at Mechuwana to help our ministry to be able to reach out to low-income families 

  • Renovations and repairs of local church buildings

  • Nursing home programs

  • Work with non-profit salvage company to provide inexpensive building materials to low-income families



Work Schedule:

Work hours are 8:30 am to 4:30 pm with a break for lunch. The normal work schedule consists of four days of work and one day off for exploring Maine.  Some areas past groups have visited include the mountains, ocean beaches, lighthouses, L.L. Bean/Freeport shops, State and National Parks, etc. And yes, you can head a bit north and spot some famous Maine moose!


Room & Board:

Housing is on-site at Mechuwana. The cabins have electricity and are within walking distance of the bathrooms/showers.

All food and cooking is supplied by the camp. Breakfast and Dinner are served in the camp's dining hall and often bagged for lunch on the go.

Camp Activities:

Evenings are yours for exploring Mechuwana and our nature trails. Mission workers have an opportunity to swim and boat if requested!

You are also invited to Thursday night staff campfire - the time in the week when all of the camps that are in that week get together for singing, skits, worship, and stories! If your group has a song, skit, or story to share, please let us know and we will be happy to add you to the list!

Also, many other camps have programs (soccer games, musical productions, art galleries, etc.) to share and you will be invited to attend those if you wish. Usually we have three or four camps running concurrently during each week of summer camp. There is never a lack of things to do, that's for sure!


Spiritual Growth:

As we go out into the world and work for the sake of others in the name of Christ, it is vitally important that our spirits are renewed each day as we grow as disciples of Jesus. Each group is highly encouraged to engage in daily study, worship, and fellowship. Assistance is available with this if requested!

Interested in taking part?

Missions Camp costs include $225 for room and board and $50 for materials per person ($275 per person)

 There is also a one-time group deposit of $100.


For more information about the missions program or to request an application, please contact

the camp office at (207) 377-2924. Or you can

download applications and information here:

After your group registers for a week, we will send you an inventory worksheet so you can let us know what skills your group is bringing with you.

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