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Our History


Camp Mechuwana officially opened at its current location on the shore of Lower Narrows Pond in the summer of 1948, but the story of Mechuwana begins well before that. Youth camping was gaining popularity in the early 1900s, and several campsites including the state YMCA camp were founded. In 1938 the very first Jr High camp was held at the North Star YMCA Camp in Waterboro on Lake Ossipee. It was at this camp the name Mechuwana was chosen.

​The following year saw an increase in the number of campers, and by popular demand the camp continued to grow. During those first 10 years, Camp Mechuwana was hosted at several different campsites in the area. Finally in 1948 the United Methodist Conference purchased what was then Camp Naoma. Camp Mechuwana had a home. For a more detailed account of the early history of Mechuwana, you can download and read The Long Road to Mechuwana written in 1980 by Elwin L. Wilson, one of the members of the committee that purchased the campground.

More history and photos coming soon!

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