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Volunteer Staff Opportunities

When Mechuwana was founded in 1948, there was a conscious decision to run programs with volunteer staff leaders. This decision has added to the richness and quality of our program, and at the same time gives thousands of people the opportunity to put their faith into practice.

Camp Mechuwana employs only a small permanent staff to run the camp. The rest is done by a dedicated group of volunteer staff. If you think you would like to volunteer your time as a counselor or maintenance worker in the summer, or during the off-season, please contact the camp office. We could not accomplish what we do here without the faithful donation of your time!


Become a Youth Leader

Those who have been to Mechuwana as campers often want to give new campers that same wonderful experience while broadening their own horizons, this is why we have developed our Youth Program
so younger teens can give back to the ministry of Mechuwana!


If you are a youth in grades 8-12 and would like to be a Youth Leader this summer, you must attend a training session. You can find the latest information on Youth Leader trainings on our "Events" page. For detailed
information about what is involved in being a youth leader, please read the Youth Leader training manual.

Deans & Adult Volunteers

Our volunteer Deans organize and execute our weeklong overnight summer programs! It is the Dean's responsibility, with assistance from the Camp Director, to recruit volunteer counselors for their week of camp. Many of our deans have volunteered at Mechuwana for decades, and many were once campers themselves!


In addition to our deans, adult volunteer staff are a critical part of our program! They work closely with deans and camp permanent staff to provide leadership and guidance for our campers. Parents and guardians who volunteer are eligible for credit toward the price of their child's camp. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact the camp office. All volunteers 18+ are required by law to undergo a criminal background check.

All volunteers must complete required volunteer training in advance of their week at camp. Click on the first button below to visit a web page with all materials, including mandatory State of Maine training module. If you would like to print off materials, click the "download training packet" button. That includes all of the same materials except for the mandated State of Maine training module, which you will also need to complete.

The health form is a fillable PDF. Fill in the information then click "File > Save as" and save with a new name. Email that form as an attachment to

Adult Volunteer Staff Forms:

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