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Thank you and a holiday gift idea

We would like to thank each of you for your support of Camp Mechuwana. Because of the generosity of thousands of people, Mechuwana has flourished for more than 60 years. Mechuwana continues to grow and reach out to people of all ages through our programs and our commitment to provide scholarships to families and individuals who are in need of financial assistance.

The economic reality of our state and country during the last two years has forced us to put much of our financial resources into scholarships. We turn no camper away for financial reasons. Mechuwana continues to work hard to meet the growing financial need of families.

This fall, Mechuwana was forced to deal with the Lodge roof. It was getting so bad that even after a small rainstorm there were leaks everywhere. After meeting with the Conference Trustees and having them look first hand at the roof, they agreed to provide Mechuwana with and EMERGENCY ONE-YEAR LOAN of $20,000. At the end of October we stripped more than 8,500 lbs. of shingles from the roof, replaced and fixed roof supports, fixed the chimney, replaced the facer boards, and put down a beautiful green metal roof. The work was completed just in time for the October snowstorm.

This is the second step in restoring this treasured building – the first step was putting a full foundation under it in 1993. With the roof and foundation now done, we can begin work on the rest of the building.

Because we put so much of our financial resources into providing scholarships for campers, we could really use some help to pay back this loan in one year. As we approach the holiday season and the end of the year we ask that you consider a gift to Mechuwana to help us pay back the emergency loan to the Conference Trustees.

An Idea for a Gift

Need a gift for someone? Know someone that is hard to buy for? Why not send a donation in someone’s honor. We can send a card to anyone you designate, letting them know that a donation was made in their honor to Mechuwana. We will send cards to them one week before Christmas letting them know that you sent us a very special gift in their name.

Please send a gift notice to:

Name _______________________________________



Gift is from: Name______________________________

Grace and Peace,

Norman Thombs, Camp Director



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