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Summer is coming!

Wow Summer came early! This is the earliest I can remember the snow being gone and leaving the lake. Not that I am complaining. We have a busy spring here at Mechuwana with many groups and some projects we need to get done before summer arrives. Putting a new roof on cabin 7/8 in the Lakeside Cabin area and remodeling a bathroom in the Village dean’s cabin are our top priorities.

Our registrations for camp are running a little behind last summer, and we have seen a large increase in the number of families asking for financial assistance. Gas prices are definitely on people’s mind. And for families who live a long way from Winthrop, they can easily add another $50-$100 to the price of camp depending on where they are coming from. We are determined to help every family so that no child is denied a chance to come to camp.

Last month, we had two wonderful Youth Leader training events. More than 80 youth have signed up to volunteer for at least one week this summer. This program continues to be one of the most valuable programs at camp. Youth Leaders learn so much from their experience by working with the younger campers. And they add so much to the life of a camp. Over the years these Youth Leaders turn into adult volunteers who continue to give back to Mechuwana.

Thank you so much for your continued support of Mechuwana program. It has really made a difference.

We hope to see you at camp this summer.

God bless,



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