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Summer 2003

SUMMER 2003 IS HERE!!! Although the weather does not correspond to the calendar, the start of our summer camping season begins very soon.

Campers and parents will see some changes when they drive down Mechuwana Lane - new camps signs, a full-size basketball court, and a new entrance into the Commons. All these things were made possible by the generous gifts of time and money by people who believe in the ministry here at Mechuwana.

If you look through the trees near the soccer field you will also see a new village, this new village has five cabins, a shower and bath house, and deans cabin. This area is being built by a number of different groups. Many thanks to the work crews from North Brewer/Eddington UMC, Green Street UMC in Augusta, Skowhegan UMC, Brunswick UMC, for working on these cabins. A special thanks to our friends from N.J who came for two weeks to work on this project.

We would also like to recognize the wood working class at Winthrop High School, led by Mr. Frank Smith, for building one of the cabins as an end of the year project.

CAMP ENROLLMENT STRONG AGAIN. This spring I received several memos from the American Camping Association stating that camp enrollment had significantly dropped off for nonprofit camps, including church-affiliated camps; especially hard hit was the Northeast. Thankfully I am happy to report that Mechuwana's enrollment is still very strong. In fact, as of June 12th, we have more campers coming than the last two summers, and the way the phone has been ringing we may get close to the enrollment of 1994, which was a record year. Especially encouraging is the number elementary campers that have signed up - this is a great sign for the future.

MECHUWANA ALUMNI - WE NEED TO HEAR FROM YOU! For years we have asked families and individuals to contribute $25.00 or $50.00 a year and become a member of our Alumni Association. I cannot emphasize enough how much of a difference those gifts have made to Mechuwana over the years. It allows us to purchase things that are above and beyond our operating budget, it has also allowed us to tackle projects that we could only dream about. Please consider becoming a member, your contribution helps ensure that Mechuwana will be around for the next generation.

-Norman R. Thombs, Camp Director



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