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Mechuwana Memorial Chapel

It seems like a long time since we broke ground on the Memorial Chapel this past May. Brian Church had designed and done the drawings so all we needed was for the weather to cooperate. Finally, after being held up by heavy rain that we thought would never end, the foundation was ready for the first of more than 20 volunteer groups to work on the project.

The first group was our friends from New Jersey, who under the guidance of Ned Crockett put up the four walls in two weeks. Much of this work was done in the rain and cold. When it was not raining, other members of the group stained the siding. Since those days in May more than 200 people from all over the country have volunteered their time and talents for the project. Today we are very close to completion; all that remains to be done is painting the inside, putting up the lights and putting down the carpet. We are hoping that we can have all these things done by Christmas.

We give thanks to all that have helped make this project a reality. Special thanks also needs to go out to all the professional contractors, plumbers, and electricians who either donated their time or did work at a much- reduced cost.

Because of the volunteers and donations of time and material we will have built this chapel that seats 120 people and has two bathrooms for under $80,000.00. At this time we have raised all but $12,000.00 of the total cost.

This place of worship will no doubt become a place of great importance at Mechuwana in the years to come. Who knows how many people will take part in a worship service, or who will for the first time hear the word of God spoken to them and respond by asking God to come into their lives.

A dedication service will be held in the spring. A dedication service for the Mechuwana Memorial Chapel will be held at 2 PM on Sunday, May 7th, led by Bishop Pete Weaver.



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