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March 2004

This summer will be Mechuwana's 55th year of operation at our Winthrop site. Of course the history of camping in the United Methodist Church goes back more than 100 years. As always we are very excited about the approaching summer season. In just a few months, more than a thousand campers and over two hundred adult volunteers will take part in our program.

If you have not signed up for camp already, I would encourage you to do so very soon. We have over 400 campers registered already with many camps full or close to being full. Don't wait!!

Please do not let finances stop you from coming to camp, Mechuwana has scholarships and we have contacts with groups that are willing to help families in need. We will make sure everyone who wishes to come to camp has the opportunity regardless of their ability to pay.

On the last weekend of February we had a great Youth Leader Training event, we will be holding one more training of APRIL 3rd. If you are in grades 8-12 and would like to take part in this exciting program please contact the camp as soon as possible to secure a spot.

Mechuwana could not run its programs without the help of over 200 adult volunteers, if you would like to apply to be part of this very exciting ministry please contact the office.

See you this summer!!

God Bless,

Norman R. Thombs, Director



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