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Looking ahead

Today was one of the first days of 2015 that felt like spring. It gave me hope that summer will be here before we know it! There is a lot to do to get camp ready for the summer, but we are excited about the upcoming camp season. Have you signed up for a camp or two yet? We have received a lot of registrations (other people are as excited for summer and summer camps, I guess!) and hope yours will be on its way soon.

Are you interested in volunteering at a camp this summer? If so, please contact us at the office and let us know. We are able to keep costs down and share our ministry with hundreds of youth each summer because of our amazing volunteers. Email or call us at 207-377-2924 if you would like a volunteer application.

and finally, please mark your calendar and plan to join us at Mechuwana on Saturday, July 18 to celebrate our camp ministry. More details will be coming, but for now, please plan to be at camp for the afternoon and stay for dinner with camp friends, old and new.

Thank you to all of you who support our ministry,




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