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Great celebration of former and current staff

On Saturday, July 29, Mechuwana welcomed back more than 75 permanent staff members (from the 1950s to current staff) and their families for a great reunion. The reunion was for "anyone who ever earned a paycheck for cleaning bathrooms, cooking meals, teaching campers how to swim, working at the registration desk on Sundays in the summer, teaching kids about nature, making art out of donated embroidery floss, or taking care of homesick campres or anyone in need of a Bandaid."

Next summer, on July 14, 2018, Mechuwana will celebrate 70 years of our ministry - including all of our campers, staff, deans, volunteers, and supporters. We hope you can join us!

We heard from hundreds more that sent their best wishes. We had staff members from every decade starting in 1950s. It was such a great testimony to the importance of this ministry in their lives. The bonds that are formed by staff members who work so hard providing hospitality to the children and volunteers last a lifetime. It was an amazing fun and at times emotional day for all of us.

-Norm Thombs, Camp Director



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