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Fourth of July

It’s the Fourth of July at Mechuwana and camp is in full swing. Thanks to the efforts of over 200 missions workers, two new bath and shower buildings are being built and the replacement for the building we lost during the Patriot’s Day storm is nearly complete.

Much work has been done on Asbury Chapel – a new lighting system, sound system, stage curtains, emergency exit, new paint, and a crow’s nest have all been put in place. Many thanks to Lee Griswold, Rick Casavant, Barb Petersen, Rian Lewis, Mitch Thomas, the 29ers missions group, Colorado missions team, the Georgia missions group, Kaplan Electric and some of our summer staff members – Traelynne Hinckley, Jarod Richmond, Zach Bowen, Mike Griswold, Craig Kempton, Ned Crockett, Bekah Church, Amy Jones, Nicole Grant, Bailey Roberts and Eileen Hays for their work.

We are very excited about the response from many of you to our new “Friends of Mechuwana” program. So far, over 100 individuals have pledged or donated close to $100,000 toward our $500,000 goal. If you haven’t joined yet, we encourage you to visit our Friends of Mechuwana web page to learn more. You can also print off a pledge form and mail it in.

There are five more weeks of summer left – and we hope to see many of you at camp this summer. Thanks for your continued support of this ministry.




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